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Founded by Parents, we are a community project that brings carefully selected ethical products to you and uses 100% profits to build a village of support for parents. We’d love to tell you more and you can read our story here.

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Cloth Nappies

Everything you need for your cloth nappy journey including wraps, boosters and wipes.

woman babywearing with carrier


Slings and carriers with a trained consultant on hand to offer advice and support at Derby Sling Library.

reusable cloth bamboo make up breast pads in a wicker basket

Adult Health & Gifts

From cloth sanitary pads, to fiddle necklaces and make up pads, we help take care of you too.

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Carefully selected zero waste home products, all of which are plastic-free and vegan.

green dungarees

Organic Clothing

Fair trade, organic clothing carefully selected with supporting UK businesses in mind.

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Wooden Toys

Ethically produced, eco friendly wooden toys to encourage open-ended imaginative play.

Pastel coloured fiddle necklace with silicone geometric shape beads, separated by small wooden balls, including a signature rose bead. Made using hemp cord. Commonly used when breastfeeding and babywearing, brilliant for teething babies


From wetbags, to Fiddle necklaces and everything in between, we have all the accessories you may need.

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Not seen what you are looking for? We have more. Shop the full range here, entirely not for profit!

Derby sling library Derby sling library Derby sling library Derby sling library


Derby Sling Hire Library Parent Hub Support

Parent Hub

At The PoD, we bring parent services, support, classes, workshops and more to one city centre location, making it easier for you to get to. We fund it with our Eco Store!

Cloth Nappy Library

Trial a wide variety of nappies without the expense! Hire a kit with everything you need and accessories included, with unlimited support from our experienced advisers.

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Sling Library

No single sling fits two different people the same way. Rather than spend money on a sling that may not be right for you, why not try one first?


Newborn Nappies explained

Eco Store | Sling & Cloth Nappy Library | Parent HubNewborn Cloth Nappies See our video of what's in a newborn hire kit here! Wondering where to...

Real Nappy Week 2020

What is Real Nappy Week? Real Nappy Week was designed to be a week of increased momentum nationwide, to make cloth mainstream. Through sales, media...

Cloth Wipe Comparison

There are so many cloth wipes on the market, you might be asking which are the best? It's another one of those personal preference topics, but here...

What are Cloth Sanitary Pads?

Using Cloth Sanitary Protection (CSP) is another way you can reduce waste to landfill along with saving money. Cloth pads may appear pricier than...

How do I wash cloth nappies?

Washing cloth nappies is a topic that google is divided on. The reason for this is that every single washing machine will behave very differently in...

What size nappy?

We are often asked what size nappy we would recommend. There is no easy answer to this, but here is how we generally determine the answer: Newborn...

Let’s talk about Poop, Baby

It's often the sticking point when it comes to cloth nappies! Isn't it disgusting? Do I use a liner? Do they stain? How best to get rid? What about...

Carrying and Pregnancy

It’s a question we hear often, and a worry you understandably have. Will carrying affect getting pregnant, or a pregnancy that has already begun?...

Facing outwards in a sling

Is it ok to face outward in a sling? This is a heated and sensitive topic in the babywearing world. Ask in a Facebook group and you’ll get mostly...

When can I back carry?

Oops we haven't posted this one yet! Please come back soon. Meanwhile, have you read this blog about the best slings ever?!  Choose the date,...

I had no choice but to use cloth

Dear Mrs Carrington-Roberts. Congratulations! You have been cured from your lifelong disability. You no longer suffer chronic pain, nor struggle to...

The best sling ever!

Which sling is the best? One of my most asked questions. Tula is the best. Lennylamb too. And Integra. Wraps are the best. They are all the best,...

Heat, Holidays and Babywearing…

Babywearing in the hot weather brings about many worries and questions. Here we will try to help reassure you. Can I use a sling in hot weather?...

Types of cloth nappy

So you read about the waterproof and absorbent part and you've had time let it sink in? No? Missed it? Go back a step - this way! Or scroll down to...

Cloth Nappies explained

So you read about the waterproof part and you've had time let it sink in? No? Missed it? Go back a step - this way! Or scroll down to read about the...

It’s a ‘CAR’ seat!

I don't mean to wizz anyone off but it really is a seat designed for the CAR. If you're not travelling in a vehicle, car seats are not the ideal...

Can’t put my baby down

Help! My baby won't let me put him/her down! Sound familiar? That clever little bean of yours is doing what's he/she is naturally designed to do....

Help! Cloth Nappies!

Wondering where to start with cloth nappies? Tried Google? As a newbie to cloth, it can be very overwhelming. Here I shall try and help break it...

Paced bottle feeding

What is paced bottle feeding? Paced bottle feeding is a method which is considered to be the most effective way of feeding a bottle, whether it be...

Sun shades or death traps?

It's hot. The sun burns. And naturally you want to shade your baby. NOT WITH A BLANKET. Or even a light cover, a muslin for example. I understand...

Passionately P’d Off

Hello and welcome to Cariad Babi. Before you ask, nope, I’m not Welsh – I just would love to live in Wales! Cariad Babi translates to ‘baby love’....

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