Babywearing in Winter

Baby it’s cold outside!

Top tips for babywearing in winter is a common request in temperatures like these. It’s currently -2 where we are! Slings are like layers of clothing. If you are using a stretchy wrap or a woven wrap, in a carry called double hammock (two passes cross over each other, over the baby’s back), that’s essentially three layers. You can get wraps in different fabrics, of various thicknesses. Bamboo is a popular choice of fabric for it’s temperature regulation properties. Organic cotton is often thicker than alternate cotton mixes. Firespiral and lennylamb woven wraps have some very luxurious thicker blends.

You could choose to use a babywearing coat. There are some, such as Mamalila, that have the option to front or back carry. To save on cost, many choose to wear a coat in a larger size. Having baby inside your own coat is a great option if you are breastfeeding and able to do so in a sling. It helps to keep each other warm, and to regulate temperature. It also is easier for you to monitor baby’s temperature and reduces the risk of either of you overheating in your own layers. Having a lot of layers each, can increase the risk of asphyxiation in younger infants. Layering each of you in thinner clothes is better than wearing fewer, thicker items. You can then easily add or reduce a layer as you walk around and your temperature changes.

Adding leg warmers over socks and woolly booties will help with their feet, it double up on socks in a bigger size that become more like knee length ones! Socks also work quite well as gloves, often being longer up their arms, under the sleeves of their vests, to stay on better than gloves usually do! Finish off with a hat, perhaps one with ear covers too.

Don’t panic if a babies feet and hands are cooler than their bodies. When checking their temper, place two fingers on their chest. Their brain will prioritise their organs for heat, meaning the parts furthest away from essential organs will be cooler. Do keep an eye on circulation, as always with the use of a sling. Remaining knee to knee with a good pelvic tilt should reduce the risk of any circulation issues. If at all concerned, do speak with your local sling library or contact an online consultant such as ours.

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