Baba and Boo


We design all of our products with your little ones in mind. We wouldn’t have anything in our boutique that we wouldn’t be happy to put on our children. We use our experience of working with fab manufacturers to ensure that our products are made under the right conditions. No children make our products and they are made by happy people, who don’t work stupidly long hours. All of our factories have to adhere to our strict ethical code of conduct. We ensure our products are tested too, to ensure that they don’t contain any nasty chemicals.


Eve works with local schools to help raise awareness of waste issues and also helps with their social media. She is also Digital Champion for Salford. She will soon be working with Help The Aged to get to grips with their social media and helping people to get online and find their way around the internet and computers.


We get asked a lot about giving to charities and providing raffle prizes for local events. We do try and help where we can but it is impossible to give to everyone who contacts us. As a company, we support Bliss and give montly donations to them. 10% of sales from our Matilda Pink cloth nappy goes to them.


We support Nkouranga Orphanage in Tanzania. Every 3 months or so, we send pre-loved nappies for the babies in the orphanage. Becca, who runs the orphanage, tells us that they can never get enough nappies. She sends them out to the local villages, where babies are just usually wrapped in rags. If you have any spare pre-loved nappies that you could donate, please get in touch here.

We also sponsor a baby at the orphanage called Faraja. Our sponsorship enables the orphanage to carry on with their inspirational work.


It goes without saying that we everything we can to limit our waste. We are as paper-free as possible. All of our brochures and packaging is made from recycled paper.

We recently stopped sending out our nappies in individual packaging. It was silly to send out ten or twenty nappies to one customer which the same information on 10 or 20 wraps. If you buy a bundle, you will receive a nappy manual instead. We feel better about not sending out packaging that will just be thrown away.

We buy trees! We are aware our products have a carbon footprint, so we offset that. We also recycle our boxes. Our retailers will tell you how they receive their orders in battered boxes. We recycle everything when we can.

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