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Let’s talk about Poop, Baby

Jan 26, 2020Blog, Cloth nappies

It’s often the sticking point when it comes to cloth nappies! Isn’t it disgusting? Do I use a liner? Do they stain? How best to get rid? What about my washing machine?
Well, let’s be frank. Kids can be disgusting! All babies are going to poop, and all poop needs disposing of! So now it’s really a choice of, how, and what impact that has.
Yes, it can be a bit grim for some, but trust me, once you’ve had a kid for a while, you’re going to do all sort of pretty grim things you’d rather not!
Newborn baby poop is pretty simple to deal with. Breastfed poop is water soluble and goes straight into the machine – it has very little waste output due to the nature of breastmilk being tailor made to a baby’s needs. Formula poop can be a little more… how do I put this… variable/firmer/smellier in some opinions. But still, it won’t yet have pieces of sweetcorn in it! So really, at this stage, there is no need for a liner. If you are formula feeding and the poop is a little ‘fuller’ you might want to try and remove some before it goes into the machine.
Ewwwwwwwwwww… right? Well, kinda, but not. You can give your nappy a bit of a shake down the loo before you put it in the bucket/bag, or use a classy ‘poo knife’ and give it a gentle scrape. Sounds gross I know, but honestly, it’s not that bad.
Liners tend to be a choice at around 6 months when weaning begins. So, disposable liners or reusable? Well that’s a question of your motives to cloth. If it’s environmental, then disposable liners won’t make sense. They still have to be appropriately disposed of according to our waste management regulations – and put in the bin, bagged. Reusable can make it a bit easier to shake/scrape off down the loo. Fleece liners can be a useful way to wick away moisture from the skin and reduce the chance of nappy rash, or waking babies who are particularly sensitive to feeling wet.
Does poop stain? Sometimes, yes. Newborn poop especially so. The stages of newborn poop comes in a variety of potent colours and sometimes stains, as can vaccine poop. But this is a concern. It does come out, and doesn’t mean your nappies are dirty. Think of a curry stain – your clothes are washed, they don’t actually have curry on them anymore, just the stain. Some might recommend using the sun to remove the stain, but nappy manufacturers don’t recommend prolonged sun exposure as it can damage nappies. And actually it can hide any issues that may still be going on. It’s best to ensure the wash routine is solid, and if so, stains will disappear fairly quickly.
The best way to get rid of poop is down your loo. It’s exactly what a loo is for. How you do that, it up to you. I’m four kids in and couldn’t really care anymore about grim stuff… so a designated poo knife lives in our bathroom – don’t panic, I clean it obviously ?
So what about your washing machine? Well, modern machines are pretty decent now. They can handle newborn poop quite well. If your machine is in fully working order, then it will CLEAN whatever is in there. Investing in a decent machine, regardless of whether you cloth or not, is always worth it. Taking care of your machine, regardless of cloth, is also important. As I wash hundreds of nappies in mine, I do give it extra maintenance, but I’m talking hundreds of nappies a month! Look after your tub, have a solid wash routine, and you won’t have any issues with cloth nappies ?

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