Oxytosling Library

This is a FREE sling hire project aimed to support caregivers and children through various difficulties during, or as a result of, Covid-19. A suitable sling, postage, and return postage will be included FREE of charge as part of this project. Support with the use of the sling will also be offered where appropriate and available.

By referral only.

*T’s & C’s Apply.

How to hire:

1: Ask your health professional for a referral to us.

2: We send you your log in details

3: Sign user and hire agreement

4: Your sling will be posted or you may Collect when you recieve a ‘ready to collect’ from The PoD at DE1 2LH

This library is exclusively part of the Oxytosling project, funded by The National Lottery. To read more, please click here. Alternatively you can find our regular sling library here.



Phil and Debi Todd have been with us from the beginning, with a generous donation to our crowdfunder for our opening, to slings for this project,.We are very grateful to have Team Slumber-roo on board!


Sarah from Integra has kindly donated extra slings towards our Oxytosling project, as a passionate supporter towards fair access to the benefits of babywearing and we are grateful for her continued support on our journey.


Additional Tula slings for the Oxytosling project have been very kindly donated by Hannah from Harrow slings. Hannah is a babywearing educator based in North West London. We are grateful for her support and to be able to offer Tula slings as part of Oxytosling.


Additional Mamaruga slings have been very kindly donated by Kati, to our Oxytosling project. Mamaruga is based in the UK, taking inspiration from all around the world. You can find the Zensling and Zebulo in our libraries and in this project,

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