Pop-Up Parent Room

Run an event with parents and children attending? 

Our pop-up parent room provides a space for nappy changes, infant feeding, or just somewhere to take five!

We provide everything from high chairs to nappy waste disposal.

Our 3m x 6m pop-up parent room will be staffed for the day and fully fitted with all the things parents find themselves without during events.

Why not add our sling hire – parents can park their prams and hire a sling instead!?

We are flexible with meeting the needs of the event with custom packages to accomodate all, so pop us a message if you are looking for something specific not found here.

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“The parent room is perfect! I have always loved festivals, I grew up with them. I didn’t want to stop going once I became a Mum but was frustrated at having to chage nappies in the back of the car. This is just what I needed!”