Reusable Nappy Week 2021

Hello, and welcome to this years celebration of cloth nappies. Whether you are new to it, thinking about it, or a long time user, we have something for everyone. 

To get us started, let’s talk about the name change. This year sees ‘real’ become ‘reusable’. Why is that? Well, as a society we’re becoming more aware of how language can affect people, and specifically how particular words in contexts can make people feel. 

It came to light that ‘real’ nappies insinuated that anything other than cloth was not real, and thus inadequateAs parents, we are all doing the best we can and to suggest that certain lifestyle choices make one ‘better or worse’ than another, just isn’t how we rock and roll here. So this year we embrace the term ‘reusable’ to distinguish they type of nappy we are raving about! 

So, why are we raving, and what happens this week? Beginning April 19th, the entire nation will promote the use of cloth nappies. This may be with blogs, videos, demonstrations, markets and more. Many retailers have discounts, libraries come together to promote access to them. Cloth nappies can save you money whilst saving the environmental costs. 

What do we do during RNW? As a not for profit, funded entirely by our founder, we struggle to offer sales prices and we don’t like to encourage unnecessary buying, or making purchases during financial difficulty. That is why we have an amazing library service, where you can hire £450 worth of nappies in various styles, sizes and brands, to try them first. This saves you hundreds of pounds working out what suits you and your child. Better yet, all funds are reinvested to support families! 

We believe our products are fairly priced, and we match competitors where possible. However, to reduce our prices means directly reducing the amount of support we can offer to others. Our project is run entirely by volunteers who have families themselves. We have an amazing team offering support to hundreds of families, and various other projects such as Oxytosling. It would be detrimental to join sales at the cost of this. 

We hope you find our information articles about cloth nappies useful, including this one for beginners, and this one for newborns. You can drop us a message on Facebook, send us an email, or call for advice. We offer our kits via post, or you can come into store! We appreciate all the support and hope you choose to shop with us as you embark or expand on your cloth journey.


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