Newborn Z Wrap


  • 3×5 rise settings to help umbilical placement
  • Super soft leg binding
  • Double gusset
  • 5lb – 25lb approx
  • Fits around hemp, flats and Z soaker

Bells Bumz newborn Z wraps are made from a stretchy and soft PUL fabric. They have single row but double waist snaps for that secure fit, 3 x 5 rise settings and soft tummy elastic to help the wrap sit below the umbilical cord.

​They have an external double gusset which is brilliant for containment. They are breathable, and have good air circulation. Super soft fluffy binding to ensure only the gentlest materials touch babies skin.

​These wraps are designed to fit around our fitted BTP Hemp on smaller settings with the inserts removed, or with 60 x 60cm bamboo flats and are perfect for using with the pop in mini Z soaker. ​

This perfect newborn wrap comes with front and back PUL flaps with hidden snaps under the flaps designed to hold a size one Bells Bumz Z soaker.


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