Ecopipo G3 Pocket Nappy


Ecopipo has launched in Europe its new, improved pocket nappy, called the G3.

The new G3 Ecopipo one-size reusable pocket nappies fit most babies from 7-8 lbs (3.6 kg) up to 35 lbs plus (16 kg).

They feature:

  • A durable hook and loop (Velcro) system for a snug-fitting.
  • A double ultra-soft elastic gusset system to reduce leaks.
  • A soft, durable and stretchy back elastic that keeps your baby’s stool in.
Between the three boosters, you can mix and match to achieve the following:
  • microfibre for early days
  • microfibre + organic cotton & terry bamboo booster for younger babies
  • bamboo for bigger bladder stages
  • bamboo + organic cotton & terry bamboo booster for even more absorbency
  • microfibre, bamboo + organic & terry bamboo booster for maximum capacity

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Ecopipo G3

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