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Onesize Pocket Nappy


This is LittleLambs perfectly engineered OneSize pocket nappy. Each nappy comes with two of their famous bamboo boosters.

With pocket nappies the most important thing is to get the boosting right for your baby’s need, a light wetter may only need one booster, most will need two and possibly three for overnight.

Care for your nappies by following these easy steps.

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  1. Hold the nappy or washable liner over the toilet and ease off the solids. If using a disposable liner, bin it, don’t flush it.
  2. Close any velcro tabs.
  3. Put them in a dry pail with lid. Wait until you have a full load.
  4. Wash them with a gentle washing powder on a full cycle using the recommended amount of washing powder for load size and water hardness. Note – DO NOT ADD BLEACHING AGENTS OR FABRIC SOFTENERS.
  5. Hang out to dry in direct sunshine or near (but not touching ) a direct heat, or tumble dry on a low heat.


The cover is made from s-t-r-e-t-c-h-y knit and coupled with a clever snap configuration so you can alter the size and fit as baby grows.

The pocket on the inside of the nappy lets you slide in the absorbent bamboo boosters prior to fitting onto baby. Pocket nappies were developed from the all-in-one style - where the layered absorber was sewn inside - but they took an age to dry.

The soft lining that sits next to baby’s skin is a super-soft microfleece that draws away moisture to the bamboo boosters, protecting baby’s skin.

The length of the rise has been increased in line with customer recommendations.

3 reviews for Onesize Pocket Nappy

  1. Anna F. (verified owner)

    Love the print and a fab fit for my baby. Washes well and is a high quality product

  2. Johanna K. (verified owner)

    These nappies have such a lovely print! I’m excited to add them to my collection. The boosters aren’t as thick as others I’ve got so might make for a slimmer fit.

  3. Natasha G. (verified owner)

    Review for LittleLamb Onesize Pocket Nappy
    ★ ★ ★ ★ ★

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