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£65.95 – Oasis, Airglow, Carousel of Colours, Promenade, Pastels, Luna, Waterfall, Smokey Mint

£71.95 – Linen Paradiso

£81.95 – Dragon Inside the Mountain, Little Herringbone Ombre Green, Deco Platinum blue, Symphony Flamenco, Symphony Cream & Brown, Herbarium Roundhay Garden, Under the Leaves, Deco Maroon Moss, Catkin Frolic, Under the Leaves Golden Autumn

£89.95 – Rainbow Chevlon, Boho Eclectic, Rainbow Safari 2.0, Rainbow Island, Symphony Paradise Sunrise, Rainbow Symphony, Rainbow Lace Silver, Symphony Daydream, Peacocks Tail Sunset, Wild Soul Blaze, Symphony Rainbow Dark, Peacocks Tail Fantasy, Dragonfly Farewell to the Sun, Peacocks Tail Provance, Jurassic Park, Wild Soul Daedalus, Jurassic Park New Era, Peacocks Tail Bubble, Rainbow Baby, Rainbow Lotus, Tangled Behind The Sun, Wind Wine Vineyard, Repunzel New Era, Deco Kingdom, Tangled Between Earth & Sky, Infinity Golden Hour, Wild Wine Allure, Tangle Blue Reed

£96.95 – Symphony Ice, Gallop Race, Enchanted Nook In Bloom

£102.95 – Peacocks Tail Pitch Black, Herbarium Reclaimed by Nature, Deco Golden Moss, Peacocks Tail Black Opal, Enchanted Nook Golden Moss, Lotus Khaki, Lotus Black, Terra Rustle, Terra Humming, Viridiflower Floral Coral Pink, Wild Soul Liberty, Enchanted Nook Wild Nature

£109.95 – Lotus Foxy, Wild Wine Ivy, Big Love Auburn, Little Love Destiny, Queen of the Night Spark.

For children sitting unaided.

Standard straps: 32-114 cm

Toddler straps: 32-114 cm


Lenny Buckle Onbuhimo baby carrier is designed for children who can already sit unassisted. It is most commonly used for back carry. Lenny Buckle Onbuhimo baby carrier is available in two sizes Standard and Toddler. Onbuhimo has a panel that can be adjusted in its width - this makes the Lenny Onbuhimo baby carrier a truly universal carrier.

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