Ready Steady Flo

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The average cost of periods is over £10 a month. This young persons starter kit is designed to get you started.

  • 2 liners
  • 2 mini pads
  • 2 midi pads
  • 2 maxi pads
  • Out and about bag
  • Rowdy kind Plain Cheeky soap

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In each starter kit you will find a bloomer, and a nora in each size pad.

Bloomers are made with soft bamboo, and are bright in colour.

Nora are a bright white stain repelling pad made with a stay dry interior.

The out and about bag is made with waterproof recycled polyester, and can be placed in the machine with everything else to wash!

Our very popular plain cheeky bar of hair and everywhere soap is by Rowdy Kind, and is perfect for sensitive skin.


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