ISARA – Preschooler


ISARA Preschooler is a compact carrier that can be adjusted both for a 9 month old baby and for a 8 years old preschooler, without any adaptors or transformers. 

The adjustments are intuitive, and the result is an ergonomic position, no matter the age, from 9 months old until 8 years old. 

Enjoy babywearing from big to biggest with ISARA Preschooler! Your baby will do it for sure!

Set the mood with the rich green colored ISARA Preschooler Evergreen Linen and enjoy the ultra soft feel of the Earth Friendly touch. 

If you're in search of a timeless design that's delightfully comfortable, but stylish at the same time, this one's it. Made of premium quality 100% pure WASHED LINEN that's incredibly soft, light, and breathable, ISARA Preschooler Evergreen Linen feels so good to wear, you'll never want your babywearing journey to stop.

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