ISARA Ring Sling


Two rings and the softest bamboo & linen blend fabric are the recipe for the most elegant baby carrier that doesn’t require any straps or buckles - the ISARA Ring Sling.

Made of 68% bamboo and 32% linen, The ISARA Linen Bamboo Ring Sling has the airy feel of linen and the soft touch of bamboo, along with all the most amazing properties by nature both fabrics come with. Its color feels just like a breath of fresh air on the steps of early parenthood so you can embrace parenthood with clean feelings.

The ring sling is ideal for short babywearing trips, as it is breathable and lightweight, suitable from birth until toddlerhood and beyond, and because of the way the ring sling is being set up it is a great choice for parents on the go. It offers a snuggle fit for wearing small babies, but at the same time it is very supportive even for bigger babies. 

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