Isara Woven Wrap


Decoding Love. Discover a different way of conveying affection and endearing tenderness. Joy, Love, Happy, Together, One, Life - six essential babywearing words embedded through Morse Code in a magical collection. Inspired by the unique language of love, in nuances of dusty cream and burgundy-ruby, ISARA Woven Wrap Ruby Code symbolizes timeless tenderness and infinite freedom. ISARA Woven Wrap Ruby Code encompasses the true power of love, a stronger and far more meaningful bond, that can only be deciphered with sheer affection.

Communicate your love through a dot and dash, carrying the world in your arms! Toting your love all day long has never looked so special! ISARA Ruby Code has become the babywearing language coordinator, with a hug-me-close manner of expressing whilst sharing your feelings, so quintessential for strengthening your family bond.
Decode love at every hug! Trust us, it's heavenly!

An infinity of ties and finishes await in your babywearing journey with ISARA Woven Wrap Ruby Code. Created for your and your baby’s comfort from newborn until the end of preschool years and beyond, this woven wrap is made of luxurious organic cotton woven in jacquard weave, 280 GSM.

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