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LennyUp Buckle Carrier


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Colour: Selenite.

Weight range: 3,5 to 20 kg (7,7 – 44 lbs)

LennyUp is an adjustable carrier that grows with your child. You can easily adjust the width and the height of the panel. Its ergonomic shape ideally corresponds with the body of a small baby and at the same time it fits the parent very well. Perfect for parents who are searching for a safe, easy and functional way to wear their babies from infancy to toddlerhood. The LennyUp carrier has been acknowledged as a “hip healthy” product by the International Hip Dysplasia Institute.

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Adjustable Lenny Up Grade carrier means:

  • Safety: it’s construction has certificates of compliance with the ASTM F2236-16a norms and PD CEN / TR 16512 : 2015 norms.

  • Closeness: enables you to wear your baby and building important bonds from the first months of life.

  • Comfort: there are multi-level possibilities to customise the shape of the panel and shoulder straps, which provides perfect adjustment and ergonomic positions of the baby – on every stage of the child’s development.

  • Versatility: one carrier from baby (above 3,5 kg) to toddler (up to 20 kg!).

  • Flexibility: two ways of babywearing (front carry from the birth and back carry from sitting unaided).

  • Quality: all manufacturing processes located in Poland.

  • Beauty: unique fabric woven in the LennyLamb weaving studio.

  • Shelter: adjustable hood which can be used to protect your baby’s head.


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