Slings & Caesarean’s

Please note, it is important to clarify that our information does not replace medical advice.

Congratulations on your baby! Now they are finally on the outside, you may have realised they quickly want to be back on the inside. Your baby is very clever, they know they are safe in your arms, and they communicate with your body through touch. You each release your happy hormone – Oxytocin – whilst in contact with each other.

Humans are a carried species; our infants biologically must be carried to have survived in our primal living conditions. Our own hashtag is #weareacarriedspecies 😉

We are asked a lot about carrying after having a caesarean section and there is no fixed answer. Some women feel ready to be on their feet within days, others take much longer. The most important thing is to not rush your body.

Having a caesarean section is major surgery. After growing a baby inside of your body for several months, your body will need time to heal. In terms of being pregnant, it is advised to allow 18 months for your body to recover, so throw in some major surgery too and you really must be kind to yourself.

When it comes to carrying your child in a sling, there are two key things that will decipher when you choose to carry:

  1. When you feel ready
  2. When you have found the sling that works for you

The key to comfortable babywearing is finding the right sling. As our blog here explains, there is no one size fits all. If you ask one hundred people on Facebook for a sling recommendation, you might actually end up with one hundred different answers.

The easiest and most cost-effective way of finding your sling, is via a sling library. We ourselves have a nationwide postal library and you can see a selection of our slings here. Alternatively, you can drop into our six day a week library in Derby City Centre for a free 15 minute advice session, or book in for a 1:1 with our trained consultant on a day and at a time that suits you – our availability can be found here.

Have more questions? Drop us an email at or join our community group on Facebook filled with like-minded parents who will be happy to support you on your journey.

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