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Not sure if cloth is for you, or where to start? Find a range of support below from support articles to hire kits and more. Alternatively you can pop in to our city centre store six days a week to chat with our advisors.

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We offer two different kits: newborn and birth to potty. Each kit comes with up to 30 nappies, wipes, a changing mat, a wetbag and more!

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We are here to help.You can join our Facebook Support Group here, see our FAQs here and even book an online nappy demonstration here!

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Close Pop in nappy suitable from birth to potty, newborn to toddler, available for hire in Derby

Searched on the internet? Read through social media? Feeling overwhelmed with information? We did the same thing many years ago! Sadly, we then bought lots of nappies that actually didn’t work for us in the end, and had lots of troubleshooting issues that could’ve been easier to resolve.

Close Pop in nappy suitable from birth to potty, newborn to toddler, available for hire in Derby

We don’t just lend you a ‘bucket load’ of nappies, take your money and send you on your way. We offer 1:1 demonstrations where we explain the differences by showing you, and having the physical nappies to compare. We try to explain it in smaller pieces of information, with an unlimited amount of support.

Close Pop in nappy suitable from birth to potty, newborn to toddler, available for hire in Derby

Our prices are also incredibly low! We feel passionately about making Eco choices accessible, and not exclusive to income. Whether that’s answering a question you remembered at 1am (if we are awake!), seeing you in The PoD 100 times, or texting. However you need help, we always do our absolute best.

Close Pop in nappy suitable from birth to potty, newborn to toddler, available for hire in Derby

 Furthermore, we include nappies in our kits that we don’t even retail in our store – because we recognise that you may like nappies that we choose not to sell, and we aren’t here for the profit, only to help. That said, buying from us really does help support other parents and is a vital part of our business!

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Cloth Wipe Comparison

Cloth Wipe Comparison

facebookinstagrampinterestImage credit: Creator: Linda Patterson Copyright: © Timeless Edge PhotographyThere are so many cloth wipes on the market, you might be asking which are the best? It's another one of those personal preference topics, but here we try to compare...

Reusable Nappy Week 2021

Reusable Nappy Week 2021

Hello, and welcome to this years celebration of cloth nappies. Whether you are new to it, thinking about it, or a long time user, we have something for everyone.

Newborn Cloth Explained

Newborn Cloth Explained

Are all newborn cloth nappies the same size? Why should I hire a newborn nappy kit? Can I cloth from birth?

Help! Cloth Nappies!

Help! Cloth Nappies!

Wondering where to start with cloth nappies? Tried Google? As a newbie to cloth, it can be very overwhelming. Here I shall try and help break it down. There are essentially two main parts to cloth: something waterproof and…

Cloth Nappy Hospital Bag

Cloth Nappy Hospital Bag

Cloth nappies in hospital…

If you are planning a hospital birth and are wanting to cloth nappy, here is some information you may find useful. Firstly, don’t panic…

How do I wash cloth nappies?

How do I wash cloth nappies?

Had a browse, hung out in groups and seen a dozen different recommendations?

We know the feeling! So, why is that? Well, the short story is that there are no fixed washing instructions because no single machine behaves…

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