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What are Cloth Sanitary Pads?

by Mar 27, 2020Parent Support

Using Cloth Sanitary Protection (CSP) is another way you can reduce waste to landfill along with saving money. Cloth pads may appear pricier than disposables but given that an individual can use around 11,000 disposable sanitary pads in their lifetime, the seemingly low price of them soon adds up. It has been estimated that the average lifetime cost of having a period is about £4,800!

Unlike disposables, there are no chemicals in cloth pads and many women have reported that their periods have become lighter, shorter and less painful when using cloth.

Cloth pads come in different sizes and absorbencies just like disposables but they also come in various colours and designs, another perk! Sizing is simply an inch length, or small, medium & large.  An easy way to find a starting point is to measure a disposable pad that fits you well and use that length as a guide. The pads are made up of a soft layer that sits against your skin, layers for absorbency (often cotton or bamboo) and often a waterproof layer. They are available with and without wings; the winged ones having poppers to secure to your underwear.

Cloth can easily be used outside the home, with mini wet bags available to store the used pads. Washing the cloth pads is simple and easy as they can be added to your usual laundry load. If you choose to, soaking heavier soiled ones in cold water for a few hours before washing may help remove as much blood as possible before washing. You can of course wash them on their own if you prefer, or handwash and allow to air dry. If you already use cloth nappies or wipes you’ll find it really easy to fit cloth pads into your routine.

Over in our eco store we have a range of products available to suit all needs. We stock cloth pads, wet bags, even a taster kit that contains three different sizes and a wetbag which you can find here:

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