When can I back carry?

The simple and not simple answer is: it depends.

Are you new to babywearing? If so, as a consultant, I would err on the side of caution and recommend waiting until your child can sit unaided.

Why not 6 months, that’s what social media says?

Well, some babies sit before 6 months, and some later. I recommend the milestone of sitting because it means your child can hold their own airway and oesophagus. This can mean less risk of being spewed down your back, or not realising your baby has been sick – which could be choking hazard.

It also means less risk of an airway obstruction. Babies can very slowly deprive themselves of oxygen when laying in not so suitable positions. It calls for guidelines on many things involving positioning, such as car seats and safe sleeping arrangements. Unfortunately, asphyxiation can occur slowly, and when a baby is on your back it is harder to monitor their airway.

That said, babywearing and parenting in general is all about risk assessments. You may feel very confident and take to woven wrapping very easily, meaning I would risk assess your personal situation and adjust whether it may be less risky for you than another dyad. Likewise their could be a babywearing dyad who have worn for a long time but their confidence with back carrying may not yet reduce the risks to a comfortable level for me to advise it.

So, it depends.

Would you like me to help you risk assess whether back carrying is safe for you and your baby? Send us a message at info@cariadbabi.com, call us on 07369450874 or book a consultation with me here!

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