About Us

Parents on a mission

The Cariad Babi team is a made up of a group of parents that come with a passion to fund support through the enjoyment of retailing ethical products, to build the village that has seemed to remain hypothetical. We combine over a decade of experience of working with parents with our training and passion, to bring support that you can trust, parent to parent.

From ethical shopping, to sling consultations to helping parents back into employment, we give everything we have to create change for those who need it most.

We are volunteer led. We offer our time to support a community, filled with passion and drive to build the village that so many are without. Through volunteering, we support others back into employment by offering training and skills building.

Kia’s Story

How I Got Started

I’m Kia, disabled Mother of five boys, resident of Derby and passionate parent supporter.

From childhood trauma to homelessness, I’ve had a bit of journey in my life so far, with stories of hurdles and barriers that weren’t necessary. I grew really tired of facing unemployment due to being disabled, and finding it hard to access the same level of support than if my life had been different.

I found it disheartening to see our city suffer from a lack of funding and precious services being cut. So I decided to do something about it.

Myself and my husband went ‘back to school’ being as we had no grades to support employment. We now hold first class degress and diplomas, and I myself have over a decade of experience of working with families in various roles around Derby. I have a deep understanding of the needs of parents, and have personal experience of it too.

I am here to help, I am humbled to be invited into such precious parts of your journies and look forward to being able to support you.

A family of mum, dad and four boys running an eco business in derby

Social Media & Marketing Manager

Shamim is a parent of two, and voluntarily helps us manage our social media to reply to you as quickly as possible. Shamim is Kia’s sidekick and holds her up when Kia needs to pause. Shamim loves to make cupcakes, and dislikes the rain!


Nicci is a parent of one who moved to Derby a few years ago and loves it here. Nicci offers her time to our board meeting and brings her skills and expertise to guide our business and it’s growth. Nicci likes eating out and spending family time together.

Company Secretary

Stella is a parent of two who grew up, and still resides in, Derby. Stella has a good understanding of the parenting services available in Derby and contributes her experience as a parent. Stella injoys playing computer games and eating chocolate.

Company Treasurer

Sue is a parent of two – a stepdaughter and a son. Sue has previous experience with other parent organisations and a has a deep passion for driving our business forwards. Sue loves handbags, music festivals and excel spreadsheets!

What We Do

Together we bring to you access to support without barriers.

Offering ONLY evidence based information, and not our opinions, we support the choices you makes as parents.

We have removed as many barriers as possible, there are no tick boxes – just a simple form to apply for support. We are located in the city centre in an accessible building.

Sponsors & Supporters

  • Mamaruga
  • Integra Baby
  • Slumber-roo
  • Lennylamb
  • Close Parent