About us

Founded by Parents, we are a community project that brings carefully selected ethical products to you and uses 100% profits to build a village of support for parents.

Who are we?

I’m Kia, disabled Mother of four (soon to be five), resident of Derby and passionate parent supporter.

I’ve had a bit of journey in my life so far, with stories of hurdles and barriers that weren’t necessary! I grew really tired of facing unemployment due to being disabled, and finding it hard to access the same level of support than if my life had been different.

I found it disheartening to see our city suffer from a lack of funding and precious services being cut. So I decided to do something about it.

Cariad Babi is a made of a group of parents that come with a passion to fund support through the enjoyment of retailing ethical products, to build the village that has seemed to remain hypothetical. We combine a decade of experience of working with parents with our training and passion, to bring support that you can trust, parent to parent.

From ethical shopping, to sling consultations to helping parents back into employment, I will give everything I have to create change for those who need it most x

Our Advisory Board

We make all decisions on how to provide the best service to you and your child, as a Board. We welcome your feedback to ensure that your best interests are always met.




Nicci is a working mum of one who moved to Derby a few years ago and loves it here. Nicci likes eating out and spending family time together.



Company Secretary

Sophie is a busy mum of 4 who grew up in Derby and loves it here. She enjoys theatre trips, Earl Grey tea and Clubbercise.



Company Treasurer

Stella is a mum of two who grew up and still resides in Derby. Stella enjoys playing computer games and eating chocolate.



Social Media Support

Shamim is a mum of two, and voluntarily helps us to manage our social media to reply to you as quickly as possible. Shamim loves tea, and dislikes the rain!

What do we do?

There are three parts to Cariad Babi:

Eco Store

We carefully select ethical brands to bring you beautiful products to feel good about! Furthermore, shopping with us funds support at The PoD for parents and children!


We bring a range of support services to you, via our Parent Hub. Included are our libraries where you can hire slings & cloth nappies to trial. See our services below.

Parent Hub

At The PoD, we bring parent services, support, classes, workshops and more to one city centre location, making it easier for you to get to. We fund it with out Eco Store!

Call us on 07368450874

9am- 5pm

Or email info@cariadbabi.com