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mother and daughter babywearing in a connecta during cold weather, wool hats on both

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Mother back carrying in an ABC

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petite mum showing a back carry of a preschool toddler in a structured carrier by olive and applesauce with purple, padded straps

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mamaruga zensling dad baby dog

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Reusable Nappy Week 2023

Cloth nappies and where to start! Freebies, offers, support and advice. Hire a kit, try before you buy or purchase in our non profit eco store.

Newborn Cloth Explained

Are all newborn reusable cloth nappies the same size? Why should I hire a newborn nappy kit? Can I cloth from birth?

What is a Pelvic Tilt?

A pelvic tilt is important, and also a bit of a holy grail in the world of babywearing! Read here about hip health, safe babywearing and how to…

Cloth Wipe Comparison

Which wipes are the best? What is the difference? Here we have a comparison of six popular wipes including grovia, tots bots, cheeky wipes and more…

Falling whilst babywearing

Worried about falling over whilst carrying your child in a sling? Our consultant offers advice in this blog about safely wearing…

When can I back carry?

The simple and not simple answer is: it depends. Are you new to babywearing? If so, as a consultant, I would err on the side of caution and recommend waiting until your child can sit unaided. Why not 6 months, that’s what social media says?

Slings & Caesarean’s

We are asked a lot about carrying after having a caesarean section and there is no fixed answer. Some women feel ready to be on their feet within days, others take much longer. The most important thing is to not rush your body.

Babywearing in Winter

Top tips for babywearing in winter is a common request in temperatures like these. It’s currently -2 where we are! Slings are like layers of clothing…

How to start Cloth Nappies

Wondering where to start with cloth nappies? Tried Google? As a newbie to cloth, it can be very overwhelming. Here I shall try and help break it down. There are essentially two main parts to cloth: something waterproof and…

Cloth Nappy Hospital Bag

Cloth nappies in hospital…

If you are planning a hospital birth and are wanting to cloth nappy, here is some information you may find useful. Firstly, don’t panic…

How do I wash cloth nappies?

Had a browse, hung out in groups and seen a dozen different recommendations?

We know the feeling! So, why is that? Well, the short story is that there are no fixed washing instructions because no single machine behaves…

Real Nappy Week 2020

What is Real Nappy Week? Real Nappy Week was...

What size nappy?

We are often asked what size nappy we would...

Let’s talk about Poop, Baby

It's often the sticking point when it comes to...

Carrying and Pregnancy

It’s a question we hear often, and a worry you...

Facing outwards in a sling

Is it ok to face outward in a sling? This is a...

I had no choice but to use cloth

Dear Mrs Carrington-Roberts. Congratulations!...

The best sling ever!

Wondering which sling is the best? Read here about the best slings, sling libraries and why you might prefer to see a consultant instead.

Heat, Holidays and Babywearing…

Babywearing in the hot weather brings about many...

Types of cloth nappy

So you read about the waterproof and absorbent...