Shadow: Wellbeing Children’s Book



32 pages – Hardback

Printed on FSC certified paper with non petroleum based inks

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When a young girl moves to a new home, feeling lost and lonely as her mother is too busy, she discovers a new friend, a shadow under her bed. Together they find mystery and adventure around every corner. Shadows are everywhere. Lost in the woods together she finds a glimmer of light as her mother finds her, lost and lonely. They stand present in the moment, together for the first time.

Shadow is a beautiful tale of isolation, but ultimately a sense of hope and togetherness. Written by Lucy Christopher, inspired by her own experiences of loneliness as a child. The illustration of Anastasia Suvorova begins dark and grey and lifts to a brighter colour palette as the story evolves. A wonderful tale of finding light and hope in a time of darkness.

About the publisher
Award winning children's book publisher and social enterprise, Lantana Publishing, have a mission to publish inclusive books that are changing the game of publishing, commissioning books that celebrate diversity, equality, and environmental sustainability. In the UK, a third of school children identify as being Black, Asain, or Minority Ethnic (BAME), but yet less than 5% of books are representative of BAME characters. Further to this, less than 2% are authors or book creators represented by British people of colour, even less than this are representative of the LGBTQ+ communities or disabled. Lantana believes that every child deserves to see themselves in the books they read.

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