Cloth Sanitary Night Pad

1 x Cloth Sanitary Night Pad.

For heavy flow.

29 x 7cm (excluding wings)

This product is currently out of stock and unavailable.

LittleLamb Cloth Sanitary Pads are an eco-friendly, waste-free, money-saving way to manage your monthly cycle. The Night pad has a layer of super absorbent bamboo that when combined with a layer of unique micro fleece, quickly wicks away moisture, leaving you feeling fresher for longer.

Wash and reuse for 3+ years - less waste into landfills and waterways, healthier on your body and so cost effective!

LittleLamb recommend washing on a warm (40 degree) wash within 48 hours of use and using a non-bio powder, stating that Bio powders and liquids can corrode the natural fibres which will effect the absorbency. Do not use fabric softener.


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