SuperJoe Does NOT Say Sorry

SuperJoe – a caped crusader – learns that he’s never too busy to say sorry . . .

  • 2+ years
  • Hardcover
  • Printed on sustainable sourced paper with plant-based inks

Written by Michael Catchpool & Emma Proctor.

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SuperJoe – superhero in the making – is far too busy to say sorry. He tears around the house sending invading space aliens back into orbit, rescuing passengers from sinking ships, and bravely facing prehistoric perils, while leaving a trail of broken toys, spilled bath water and displaced goldfish in his wake.

But one sound keeps interfering with his supersonic hearing . . . and that’s the sound of his little sister crying. Can SuperJoe swallow his pride and say the one little word that will make everything better?

"The bold colors and the action-packed illustrations are a treat for preschoolers. Superheroes of color, unite! The message is a delight for all."―School Library Journal

For ages 2+. Hardcover, printed on sustainably sourced paper using plant-based inks.

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