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Shopping with us supports families directly. This year alone we have supported hundreds of families with sling hire, mental health and infant feeding support, access to support groups and more. In December alone we donated SEVEN axkid car seats! Read below to hear some of our customer stories.

“The axkid seats literally saved my kids life”

Last year I visited Kia at Cariad Babi, who talked me through why extended rear facing was the safest way for children to travel and she fitted two axkid minikids and an axkid move into my car. This week I found out first hand how true her words were.

When the last storm hit late November we were travelling through the moors in the north of the country. My mum phoned to say one road was now impassable and to travel via the other village so it would be clearer. It wasn’t a road I had ever travelled before, and wasn’t a particularly pleasant drive in low visibility and snow, but it was clearer and safer than the other road.

As we rounded a bend at the top of the moors, there was a steep hill down to a U-bend with a river in the bottom. I tried to slow but the car started going faster and faster down the windy dales track. ABS kicked in and the car still didn’t slow. A 4 x 4 rounded the bend at the bottom and started up the hill towards me. At this point I was going around 40 or 50mph unable to do anything but steer. I bounced off a wall trying to slow the car, but failed, so chose to try and leave the road instead, we spun out, went 90 degrees into a deep steep narrow ditch trying to avoid a head on collision. The ditch stopped us just as the my 3 year olds door slammed into the 4x4s front bumper. The door bent round her car seat and glass went everywhere. 

Other than a few cuts on her nose from flying glass, she was completely unharmed. Her door had an axkid shaped imprint on it. Her seat was still fixed solid, having been fitted by Kia herself at Cariad Babi, in Derby. The axkid seats literally saved my kids life.

Unfortunately, due to some personal circumstances, I wasn’t able to replace these seats for the second time this year and my insurance was being difficult to cover the cost. Cariad Babi donated three replacement seats to myself and my children and I couldn’t honestly tell you the relief that has made to my family during a difficult time. Without the support fund, I don’t know what I would have done.


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