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Extend, Mend or Re-trend it!

Apr 20, 2020Blog, Fashion Revolution

There are lots of things you can do with the clothes you already have, to reduce the impact on the planet. Here we have three different approaches: extend it, mend it and re-trend it.

Extend it:

For example, how you wash your clothes can have an impact. Washing our clothes too frequently takes a toll on our environment, and it is becoming increasingly measurable: from microplastics that are shed each time we wash polyester, to residues of toxic dyes and the harsh impact of detergents. Whilst washing may clean your clothes, it contaminates everybody else’s life via our public waterways.

Clothes that are too frequently washed are also likely to age prematurely, and that will make you less inclined to want to keep them. It is better to wash as little as possible and there are ways to make your clothes last longer in between washes, such as sponging, steaming, and spot cleaning.

Here is a handy checklist from Make It Last on washing more environmentally friendly:

1. Only wash full (not stuffed) machines.
2. Wash on low temperatures.
3. Use eco-programming if available.
4. Use fluid detergents that are natural and eco-friendly.
5. Don’t overdose the washing detergent.
6. Skip the softener.
7. Avoid micro plastics being released by using a washing bag.
8. Air dry as much as you can.

Mend it:

Did you know that by mending your clothes to last even 9 months longer, would reduce carbon, water and waste footprints by 20-30% each?

Here are some handy tips on mending clothes, and what else you can do with them when they’re done with.

Re-trend it:

You can turn your retired clothes into almost anything, and here are some ideas to get you started, simply click on each for a link on how to make:

There are so many more things you can do! Pinterest is full of ideas. Do you have to add?


10 ways to mend your shoes and accessories!

This blog has some great tips, for example:

“Avoid using baby wipes to clean your shoes and bags at all costs as this can do more harm than good due to the lotions they often contain.”

How to mend a jumper

In this tutorial, Fashion Revolution’s creative director Orsola de Castro shows us how to use crochet to mend a jumper.

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