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Real Nappy Week 2020

Apr 14, 2020Blog, Cloth nappies

What is Real Nappy Week?

Real Nappy Week was designed to be a week of increased momentum nationwide, to make cloth mainstream. Through sales, media and more, it is a collective effort to bust some myths and help spread the word that cloth nappies are amazing and not scary at all!

When is Real Nappy Week 2020?

It was originally planned for April this year, as usual, but with all that has happened at such short notice, we have decided as a community in the cloth nappy industry not to go ahead with it. Usually it would involves stalls across the country, demonstration, open days in shops and more.

Some retailers may still decide to offer discounts online, but we won’t.

Why not?

Well, we pride ourselves on our ethics. We feel that in a time of such financial uncertainty for many families, discounts of the size that usually occur during RNW encourages overbuying. Many who do have the available income buy more than they need, or prints that are hard to come by and we feel it really widens the gaps we already try to close.

We use our profits to level the playing field as it were. We don’t agree that cloth nappies should be exclusive to those on higher incomes. We also don’t agree with unnecessary buying. This may seem counter productive considering we rely solely on sales to fund everything we do (we don’t even take a wage). But given that many of us (myself included) are having to choose between toilet roll and pasta, we just don’t feel it’s ethical to open up an opportunity for over buying or make it hard for you to choose between two things you might consider you need.

Furthermore, this puts extra pressure on staff, postal services and manufacturers themselves. We also feel that we are very fairly priced as it is all year round, and the quality you get from not only our products, but our company also, is second to none and worth every penny!

If you are struggling financially, we have emergency long term nappy kits available for hire here. We have a special membership for low income families, and offer exclusive discounts in our community Facebook group. Come on over and find a whole heap of support, all year round 😉 


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