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Which sling is the best?

One of my most asked questions. Tula is the best. Lennylamb too. And Integra. Wraps are the best. They are all the best, for somebody!

Let me ask you – which pair of jeans are the best? We all have that really comfortable, never fails us, pair of jeans that we simply refuse to ever be rid of. You know no other jeans will ever measure up to the fit of that one trusty pair. They’re worn in, shaped to you. But, they won’t fit anyone else the same way. You wouldn’t want to put my favourite pair of jeans on! But I’d swear by my jeans. I’d recommend them. Why not? They’re perfect.

Can you see what I’m trying to say? Slings are jeans. Each and every sling will fit somebody really well, but many others not so well. There is a sling out there for you, but it may take some time to find it. And asking a forum of hundreds of other sling users won’t really be helpful. You could end up with a pile of jeans that don’t fit you, and not feel very good about it.

This is why sling libraries are so commonly recommended. I realise I have bias here, being as I run one myself, but I run one because of the above. I didn’t have the finances for trial and error, and having face to face support was in a different league to youtube videos.

As a wheelchair user, mother of four, and consultant, I actually own four very different slings and use them all for different reasons. The best money you could ever spend would be to hire a sling or see a consultant, to then find your perfect sling. Because there are literally hundreds to choose from!

Read more here about the value of a sling consultant.

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