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Why we retail Ecopipo

Apr 24, 2020Fashion Revolution

We are super proud of the brands we choose to retail and we would like to two as examples of why buying with us is worth the investment!


Ecopipo was founded with one mission in mind: to make the world a cleaner place. For almost 10 years we’ve been designing, developing, and sharing the most absorbent nappies on the market and it’s been a blessing to see our brand and our nappies spread around the world.

It all began in granny Teté’s kitchen, when 4 generations were sitting around the table and everyone was wondering what could be done to make life easier to new mum Ixchel when changing baby Adan’s nappy.

Ecopipo is now owned and run by Laura Finnegan, who is a very lovely lady with a heart as true as you could hope for.  She goes out of her way to support women and is very proud of the work she does.

Ecopipo produces 18000 pocket nappies a month, plus other types of nappies and manufactures 25000 cloth sanitary pads a month.  

The 50 people who make them are mainly mothers who previously worked for a factory that made ladies’ clothing which closed down for financial reasons. 

Ecopipo hired the factory and re-employed the seamstress. Most of the women were planning to emigrate to the USA or to the USA border to work, which meant leaving their children behind.

Ecopipo has been committed from the start to pay all their workers a meaningful salary well above the minimum wage, allowing them to work and to provide for their families. Many mothers are single parents which is sadly a common situation in Mexico.

Over the last 10 years Ecopipo has continued to be a family business with the well being of families at the top of its agenda. The workshop workers have flexi-time, unheard in Mexico, allowing mothers to be with their children when they are unwell; a time when their children need them the most.

All workers are legally employed, have benefits above the “normal” ones for the textile industry, and no-one works more than 40 hours a week.

Every single type of fabric must comply with the strict USA and European legislation to prove that there is no toxicity or any other danger to babies, or to ladies using pads.

Ecopipo vets their suppliers to check they all comply with the working ethics that Ecopipo has set to operate, nothing below strict good working practices is acceptable.

Most nappies are sold via small retailers or distributors that are mainly mothers themselves, in order to provide not only a product but a real after-sale service for the product. Here at Cariad Babi, we pride ourselves on our service and are very open about working around our children. 

Ecopipo values the educational effort of the army of more than 1000 parents. This has helped support a lot of mothers who have lost their employment due to ancient maternity laws in Mexico.

All employers and the sales distribution receive constant career progression training, bringing mums in to attend personal growth development. 

Grandma Tete has passed away now, she flew well before her time, she should be very proud to see that all the principles she thought us are alive every day in this brand.

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