Cloth Wipe Comparison

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There are so many cloth wipes on the market, you might be asking which are the best? It’s another one of those personal preference topics, but here we try to compare them as best as possible for you. We’ve picked six of the most frequently asked about brands: Grovia, Close Parent, Tots Bots, Littlelamb, Baba and Boo and Cheeky Wipes. 


The biggest wipe we know of. At approximately 20cm x 20cm, this wipe comes up great for size. In our household, it’s nicknamed the ‘one wipe’, as we can tackle almost every poop using just one wipe! They are made from 12% cotton, 88% polyester. Normally we aren’t a fan of polyester but these wipes have been going strong for 5 years now in our house, have seen three children so far and are multi-purposed as cleaning cloths also! 

You get 12 wipes in a pack for just £8.95, making them excellent value for money. You can buy them here:

Close Parent:

These are made from bamboo, and are approximately 19cm x 15 cm. We personally find they do shrink a little in the wash but they do a great job of cleaning. Being a little smaller than Grovia, they are great for having in your pocket or in a smaller bag. They come in either ‘brights’ or ‘pastels’, and with a small bag to keep them in.

They come in a pack of 10 and you can find them here: 

Tots Bots

These wipes are made from oekotex certified bamboo, and come in either white or the matching colourful prints to the bamboo nappies! They are vegan friendly and measure approximately 17cm x 13cm, although we find these shrink a fair bit after a wash. We would recommend a prewash by themselves as there was a fair amount of lose fabric/threads in the first few washes we did (with the 50 that we have in our nappy kits, so it wasn’t just one rogue pack). They are very soft and we love the patterns. We especially love that one side is a little more ‘grabby’ for those tricky weaning poops, whilst the other side is really soft. 


Littlelamb have either bamboo or organic cotton wipes, in packs of 10. They are approximately 15cm x 20cm and we found they didn’t suffer from shrinkage too much. They are super soft and do a good job of cleaning up. They are a slightly creamy colour, and fluffy!

You can find the organic cotton wipes here for £12:

Baba and Boo

We love these wipes! They are the softest ones we know of. They are a good size at 18cm x 18cm although we found they do come out of shape a little in the wash. We would recommend hanging them to dry to avoid this. Made of 100% bamboo with  no ‘special treatment’ needed, they are literally good to go! Sold in packs of five at £5.95, we feel they are very good value for the quality of material.

You can find them here:

Cheeky wipes

Although we don’t retail these wipes, we have included them in this comparison being as they are a popular choice. We have used the microfibre wipes due to them seemingly being popular possibly due to their low price. They claim to be 15cm x 15cm but we disagree. As you can see in the picture, they are considerably smaller than all the other wipes we have in this blog. We personally found the microfibre to be quite scratchy and the clean up pretty poor. That said, we haven’t had any personal experience of their other material wipes to give an honest review. We felt that for the cost, there were better options.

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