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Wondering where to start? We understand! There are so many available on the market, it really can feel like a minefield. Here we try to explain a little, and answer some of the common questions.

See our video of what’s in a newborn hire kit here!

What is the difference between newborn nappies and birth to potty?

Well, firstly, the size. A birth to potty (btp) nappy has been designed to fit a child of potty training age. Whilst they are adjustable to be smaller, the amount of fabric that you need to place between your baby’s legs, remains the same. Most find the extra bulk a little tricky to fit. Newborn babies also commonly have slimmer thighs in the first couple of weeks and getting a good seal to reduce the chance of leaks can be tricky in btp nappies.

The other difference is the absorbency. As newborn babies bowels develop in the first few weeks, they can have several poops a day and tend to need more frequent nappy changes. Combined with the fact that there is less fabric in a newborn nappy, naturally being smaller, they are somewhat less absorbent than a birth to potty.

That said, they will do just fine for those first few weeks – in fact the baba and boo nappies are commonly known to last a good 6 months!

Why would I buy newborn nappies?

Well, you simply may prefer to have new nappies. It may also be that you intend to have more children later and the outlay of newborn nappies becomes more worthwhile. A full amount of newborn nappies can set you back around £250-350. Many parents therefore feel that it is an unnecessary expense and prefer to wait for birth to potty nappies fit.

This is where our nappy library becomes incredible value for money! We provide you with a wide selection of newborn nappies, with accessories included, that you can hire for eight weeks at an incredible price of £50.

What are the differences between newborn nappy brands?

Just like birth to potty nappies, newborn nappies come in a many forms also. If you haven’t seen our blog explaining the types of cloth nappies, you may like to read it here. But simply put, they vary in size, style and how they are made up. For example, the image below are some of the nappies in our kits.

Derby sling cloth nappy library newborn nappies

From left to right:

Grovia newborn – an all in one, great for smaller babies and slim legs. Fits well around 4lb to around 9lb. Popper fastenings and super soft inner – like seriously soft! They also have the option to popper down to a smaller setting as shown in the image above, meaning it can become bigger than pictured.

Close PopIn newborn – a two part system with an insert that clips into the shell. The double gusset is commonly enjoyed by parents. They have velcro fastenings and are just one size. Many parents report that they are less absorbent than many others and often put a muslin or size one prefold inside instead of the insert it comes with. If you are lucky enough to catch a soiled nappy in time, you can theoretically switch out the insert and reuse the shell.

Tots Bots Teenyfit – an all in one nappy. Also a velcro fastening and slightly bigger than the previous two mentioned. They are a single gusset and typically fit up to around 12lb. Being all in one, there are no lose parts to have to try and locate in a sleepy haze at 2am, and 4am, and 4.20am!

Baba and Boo newborn – these are a pocket nappy. They are fleece lined which is super soft against baby’s skin, and you insert the absorbent part into the pocket. These have a popper to make into the smaller setting as shown in the image above, meaning they too can become bigger for later. Many parents find one insert is ample for the first few weeks, adding the second at about week 6 (they come with 2 inserts). A velcro fastening and double gusset make these a popular choice, and you will have the change the whole nappy each time.

Tots Bots Peenut – this is a two part system with inserts that popper into the wrap. They are paired with a ‘day night’ insert (sold seperately) meaning you can have just one insert for day time, and add the second for night time. A cute feature with these is that the day insert is shorter than than the night insert, making them an easier fit for newborn. Or, you can fold the surplus length of the night insert to give extra absorbency. If you are fortunate to catch a filled nappy in time, you can switch out the inserts and reuse the wraps.

Size 1 nappy and wrap in this particular image, we have mixed the brands of the wrap and the nappy – a great bonus to a two part system. They are both a size 1 and are marketed to fit babies approximately 10lb and above in weight. Again, you can theoretically reuse the wraps in this system and the nappy remains to be one complete piece. These are often considered good night time options and are known to take a little longer to dry.

Littlelamb size 1 pocket nappy this again is a sized nappy, and as you can see, it is considerably bigger than a grovia nappy. In this instance we have filled it with a prefold (aka flat/terry). Pockets are liked for the ease of placing the inserts inside the pocket slip, keeping them in place. This Littlelamb pocket has poppers. Littlelamb also make wraps (found in our kits) that are velcro.

Can I wash meconium poop or will it stain?

It will wash out! With hiring our own kits, we have strict guidelines on how to wash our nappies and we have never had any issues with stains. Newborn poop is water soluable and washes out. No need for sunshine or stain remover, it’s just a case of getting your wash routine right. We can help advise you with this too!

How many do I need?

To be a full time cloth nappy user, you will need between 25-35 nappies, and around the same for cloth wipes. A bucket for storing soiled nappies and a wetbag is super handy for out and about too.

Speak of, how do I go out and about?

Well, you can keep in simple and pop your nappies and wipes into your bag just as you would any other set up. Whilst out, you will most likely use toilet facilities for nappy changes, of which have sinks to wet your wipes with. There’s no need to keep them damp, and some find keeping them damp can cause issues later on with musty wipes. There are no need for oils or anything additional, keep it simple on your baby’s delicate skin. A wet/dry bag may be helpful as you can keep dry items in one zip, and wet/soiled in the wet zip!

Can I mix and match brands?

In most cases, you can. Especially the two part systems where you choose a wrap, and an insert. Some nappies have been designed to clip together and would be a little less flexible to mix and match – such as the tots bots peenut and the close pop in systems.

How do I know when to size up?

We have a blog here about which size nappy you may require. Often parents worry about ‘marks’. As long as they are like sock marks, that’s fine. You need a little bit of pressure from the elastic to stop anything from leaking out! If you are concerned, please do feel free to get in touch.

How, and how often, should I wash?

The advice varies greatly and we have a super blog that explains washing. It is another load of information so we advise you take a break now, process all of this, and come back to read about washing here.

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